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The following documents are available for download:

6 dB Rationale.doc

Aviation Growth.ppt

CFCC-December 1996.pdf

CFCC January 2007.pdf

Common Frequency Clearance Criteria v2.7.doc

Common Frequency Clearance Criteria v 2.9.doc

FCA Expert Group Terms of Reference 2.0.doc

FCEG Proposal to the MNWG Steering Committee.doc

FC Expert Group-Malvern-Actions and Key discussion points.doc

Long Term Forecast 2008-2030.pdf

Medium Term Forecast 2009-2015.pdf

Ref1-SASWG Geographic area Recommendations report for GNSS.doc

Ref10-Spectrum Support Summary PR-04-036-Main.pdf

Ref11-JSC-CR-05-008 Italy Beacon Report.pdf

Ref12-JSC-CR-04-097 Italy Interrogator Report.pdf

Ref13-French DME Test Data.pdf

Ref14-UK DME Separation Distance Report.pdf

Ref15-UK KN65 Interrogator 265 pct Test Report.pdf

Ref16-US Foreground signal level paper.pdf

Ref17-UK Rad-Nav 18 Vertical Separation Report.pdf

Ref 18-UK SSR and JTIDS Interference Report.doc

Ref2-UK Packed 444 Messaging Testing Report.pdf

Ref21-SPSWG-1TR-98-002 Part 1.pdf

Ref21-SPSWG-1TR-98-002 Part 2.pdf

Ref 23-EJCC CBC SOP V3 Main Body Annexes ADEF 1.doc

Ref 3-UK RTTB 120 Platforms.doc

Ref 4-UK RTT-B Analysis.doc

Ref 5-UK Fernau 2020 Contention Access TEST REPORT.doc

Ref 6-UK KN65 Contention Test Report.pdf

Ref 7-UK Collins 860 Interrogator Contention Test Report.pdf

Ref 8-UK Contention Tech Working Paper 1.0.doc

Ref 9-SPSWG-1TR-96-001Part 1.pdf

Ref 9-SPSWG-1TR-96-001Part 2.pdf

Welcome and Introduction_.ppt

Common Frequency Clearance Criteria v3 30 October 2012