MNWG 2013, Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

The following documents are available for download:

Tutorial 2013 from MNWG 2013

Calling Notice MNWG 2013 13 Dec 12

Taipei Tour Map

MNWG 2013 Final Agenda

MNWG 2013 Hotel Reservation Form 13 dec 12

MNWG 2013 Questionnaire

MNWG 2014 Ottawa Canada, 5 - 9 May, 2014


Revue of Existing MNWG 2012 Action Items

MNWG News 2013

NATO Position Paper for CPDLC AC-92-EAPCD-2013-0002-Link16-Paper-Link16-MNWG

NATO Position on Link16 MNWG April 2013 Presentation

Austria Wide Area Multilateration (WAM)

UK FCA Safety Management System Presentation MNWG 2013

MNWG Presentation to NATO CaP3

2012 London Op Olympics Review

Italy Operational Exercise and Deployment Planning

RAND Study Presentation

RAND Study MG268

Link16 Development in the US

JASDF Beacon Reply Efficiency Calculator Briefing MNWG Taipei April 22-26, 2013

US TSDF Calculator Concept V3

Canada Link16 Ground Network

US Guest Forces MNWG 2013

EJCC Presentation at MNWG 2013 Taiwan

MNWG 2013 SASWG update

PLSCC Update MNWG 2013


MNWG 2013 NZ Brief

GNSS Update

JASDF GPS L5 TDS Briefing MNWG Taipei April 22-26, 2013

LDCACS Update review

UK Beacon CW Testing

UAS CNPC Link Analyses Update

SSR Mode N Navigation Data Link

Guest Forces Procedures Taiwan R.O.C.

SASWG Switzerland 2012 Minutes and Action Items

MNWG 2013 SASWG update


Taiwan R.O.C. FCA Presentation

Netherland FCA 2013

Netherland FCA 2013 Presentation

Austria AWAM Project MNWG2013

SASWG April 2013 Taiwan Minutes

L16 Spectrum MNWG Taiwan 2013 Minutes