MNWG 2011, Luxembourg

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The following documents are available for download:

Acronyms MNWG 2011.doc


IR266 Revision List V1 Gautier Action Item response.pdf

Item-15-Update on Network Monitoring Tools.ppt

Item 10 Nexgen MNWG Presentation-Storm.ppt

Item 11 L16 and ATM in SES initiative_MNWG Progress Report 01 Barrett.ppt

Item 13 TDS DME Interrogator Geo Area Results-JASDF 2011 Luxembourg v31 Final Okuda.ppt

Item 14 Italy MIDS AN453 Testing Patrick.ppt

Item 16 ASC WDL Description and Status Ashley 2.ppt

Item 16 SCWDLJS OW Ashley.ppt

Item 17 MIDS JTRS MNWG May 11 Final Pour.ppt

Item 18-MNWG 2011-Luxembourg-IR266C_DLCP451.pdf

Item 20 Freq Remapping Status MNWG 11 Ricketts.ppt

Item 21 EJCC.ppt

Item 22 US Process for NATO Spectrum Supportability Request MNWG 2011 Luu V2.ppt

Item 23 Guest Forces MNWG 2011 Luu V2.ppt

Item 24 20110518UK JDLMO Brief MNWG UGoncalves Collins.ppt

Item 3 MNWG 2011 Actio

Item 5 CFCC Overview.ppt

Item 5 Common Frequency Clearance Criteria v2.7.doc

Item 6-MNWG 2011-Luxembourg-French FCA Last Updates.pdf

Item 6 MNWG 2011-Luxembourg-French FCA Overview.pdf

Item 7 US Deconfliction Server-Tschupp.ppt

Item 9 MNWG 2011-Luxembourg-French MIDS Deconfliction Tool.pdf


Item S11 20110524_LDACS_Presentation_v03 Rihacek.ppt

Item S11A DME Receiver and LDACS discussion May 2011 Patrick.ppt

Item S2 SASWG Complete Action Item List-Ashley.ppt

ITEM S3 Galileo EGNOS Status-MNWG 2011Ashley.ppt

Item S4 GPS Compatibility Issues Ashley 2.ppt

Item S5 JPN_DME_Beacon_Env_Eval 110524.ppt

Item S6 MIDS JTIDS Testing with WAM_ADSB-Blackwell.ppt

Item S7 UAS update briefing 2 Ashley.ppt

Minutes MNWG May 2011.pdf

MNWG 2011 Agenda final.doc

MNWG 2011 Group Photo.ppt

MNWG Admin Info.ppt

PJCC meeting 2011 calling notice_.doc

Tutorial 2011 Ashley Patrick.ppt