Testing Documentation

The following documents are available for download:

Appendix-B-1-50-Spectrum Support Summary PR-04-036.pdf

Appendix-B-101-166-Spectrum Support Summary PR-04-036.pdf

Appendix-B-51-100-Spectrum Support Summary PR-04-036.pdf


ECAC-CR-87-058 Release 07-S-0948.pdf

FCS_in_DME_Band 5.doc

Foreground signal level paper with release and SPS_.pdf

JSC-CR-04-097 Italy Interrogator Report.pdf

JSC-CR-05-008 Italy Beacon Report.pdf

JSC-PR-04-036 Summary Release.pdf

JSC_Beacon Report_CR-97-021.pdf

Link 16 Contention Top Level White Paper General.pdf

MNWG Slide Master Version 12_draft.ppt

MTR 04 W0000030 EMC Assessment for FCA In Iceland.pdf

NTIA release of WG DOCS.pdf

OT78-138 Band Assessment Report for JTIDS.pdf

OT Report 78-140 Executive Summary.pdf

OT Report 78-140 Vol 1 of 7.pdf

OT Report 78-140 Vol 2 of 7.pdf

OT Report 78-140 Vol 3 of 7.pdf

OT Report 78-140 Vol 4 of 7.pdf

OT Report 78-140 Vol 5 of 7.pdf

OT Report 78-140 Vol 6 of 7.pdf

OT Report 78-140 Vol 7 of 7.pdf

Release Approval for IT Reports.pdf


Spectrum Support Summary PR-04-036-Appendix-A.pdf

Spectrum Support Summary PR-04-036-Appendix-C.pdf

Spectrum Support Summary PR-04-036-Main.pdf

SPSWG-1-87-25 Release 07-S-0949.pdf

SPSWG-1-89-03 Release.pdf




SPSWG-1TR-96-001 Part1.pdf

SPSWG-1TR-96-001 Part2.pdf

SPSWG-1TR-98-002 Part1.pdf

SPSWG-1TR-98-002 Part2.pdf

Europe NSG5 WP4 JTIDS vs DME Final Report Issue 1

Hungary (BBS-798-2/2016) Experience Gained from the Radio Technology (EMC) Test Results of the Link16 and DME systems - 28 June 2016

Japan GPS L5 Compatibility Testing 2018

Japan GPS L5 Study JSC-CR-09-116 Multipath Test Results 2018

Japan GPS L5 DSO-CR-17-096 30 April 2018

Japan GPS L5 Study JSC-CR-08-123 SNo Acquisition and Track 2018